Message from Headteacher



Assalam Aleikum,

After praising God the Almighty, may I take this opportunity to welcome you to N.I.A. may I also take this chance to express my deep appreciations to the Board members for considering me appropriate to lead this school. I also give thanks in a special way, the contributions made by parents, teachers and all stockholders.

My dear Brothers and Sisters, our school is highly progressive Islamic Institution pledged to provide quality education with greater emphasis on Islamic values as stated in the Glorious Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet (S.A.W).

Am also delighted and excited to announce that Inshaallah next year January 2013 we will open a high school for both 8-4-4 and International syllabus. Besides academic excellence, the school is committed to enrich students with Islamic culture such that they become practicing Muslims well adjusted living in secular state and multi –religious society. 

We are always open to new ideas, inquiries and feedback. Please learn more about our school by exploring our website or visit the school in person to gain a true sense of our distinct culture and values.


Wabillahi Tawfiq








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