A pupil studying in the dormetry   Nyali Integrated Academy was established in Nov. 2009. It's located in a tranquil residential area of Nyali- Mombasa. The school provides full time boarding for Muslim boys. We have all facilities required for productive and comfortable stay. The surrounding is very attractive and peaceful. The school is named after the strickingly beautiful Nyali Estates of Mombasa- Kenya. The school is next to the Indian Ocean- far from air pollution and societal pollutants.

We admit students from Kenya and abroad. Students share rooms with a small group of others but of similar age. In their rooms, students have facilities for washing, keeping their possessions and ironing of their clothes. The school is famous in helping boys aged 9-14 who are having difficulties in following rules at home and school. The boarding section is managed by a team of profesional staff ready to support students at all times.

Our hope is that by providing quality secular and Islamic Education we will finally produce students who will be followers of The Noble Qur'an and Hadith of The Prophet (SAW). After the end of their course they will ultimately become active personalities in the society and well balanced leaders with both secular and religious education.

Aims and Objectives

Our aim is to teach our students the memorization of the Holy Quran and Islamic "Tarbia". Such that in future they live their lives in accordance to the guidance of Allah. More so, they are getting the secular education which is an added advantage.

Advantages: Students in boarding have two options:

  • They can be in the boarding but join Tahfid class during the day. In the Tahfid they will only be taught Quran.
  • They can be in the boarding but join the school where the following subjects are taught during the day:- 
     SECULAR Mathematics, English, Science, Kiswahili, Social atudies, I.R.E.
     MADRASA Qur'an, Hadith, Tawhid, Fiqhi, Lugha, Siira

    Every morning after Fajr and evening after Maghrib all students will go for Quran Recitation and teaching.

The class Nine for British System(Edexcel) is on. IGCSE learning comenced on 14th Jan 2013. All

are welcomed. Subjects taughts include: Maths,English,Biology,Chemistry,Physics,Arabic,Islamiyat,

History,Geography,Quran,Tawhid & Hadith.




Message from Headteacher



The club deals with creativity of the pupils.

They are required to write poems, compositions and other articles that will sharpen their writtings …

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