The school was officially opened in November 2009 with few pupils in the Nursery section. We offer both secular and Madrasah classes for holistic development. We have qualified teachers for both Madrasah and secular and a trained caretaker. O
ther programmes offered include the following:
a)    Feeding programme
b)    Library services
c)    T.V programme
d)    Transport
e)    Growth and monitoring Services
We have in the recent past enrolled more children upto date. Each child is cared for by the teachers so as to have quality education. Our mission is to nurture our children to be future responsible adults. Please join us to enjoy the fruits of Nyali Integrated Academy.

ICT Classes

ICT  Class in session

ICT CLASSESNyali Integrated is committed to ensuring that all our pupils become highly confident and competent in the use …

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The club deals with creativity of the pupils.

They are required to write poems, compositions and other articles that will sharpen their writtings …

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