Nyali Integrated Academy Islamic Boarding School in Mombasa 

·        Nyali Integrated Academy is a modern institution offering quality education in Nursery, Primary, Tahfid and Secondary(both 8-4-4 & British System) level of learning. 

·        The integration of  both secular and religious studies is ment to equip our learners with both worldly and spiritual knowledge inclined to help achieve their future goals. 

·        Children from all walks of life have helped strengthen the perception and understanding of both individual and social code of ethics. On this note it’s perfectly right to feel like an international oriented institution.

·        The secular division of education is driven under the Kenyan 8-4-4 system of education where both the syllabus and curriculum are derived from the directives and expectations of this particular education system.

·        A well trained and experienced staff of both male and female gender has been the main ingredient to our successful establishment with not only the aim towards a bright future but a blessed one at that.

·        Apart from the normal classroom learning environment, our students have the opportunity to experience outdoor classes through trips, projects, exhibitions and facilitated lectures.

·        Co-curricular activities are also an incentive to our learner’s undying urge for exploration and exhibition of individual talents e.g. swimming, football, volleyball etc.


Message from Headteacher



The club deals with creativity of the pupils.

They are required to write poems, compositions and other articles that will sharpen their writtings …

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